There has been a metamorphosis in the barn of Aspelt. The old farming building has been refurbished completely to become a perfect synthesis of classic and modern aspects featuring theme evenings, parties, concerts, receptions, food and drinks. Slip into our universe of unlimited possibilities. Enjoy a deliciously relaxed evening in a unique environment combining warm wooden structures with more contemporary metal frames, sip a cocktail in the cosy lounge bar, feel the rhythm of the music or let us create that special event for you. T´SCHEIER has indeed been build for hosting laid-back events. The modernized barn is a unique venue for everything from product launches and showcases to reception parties. It's also a great location to rediscover the flavor of traditional food. Please take a virtual tour (new SlideShow) and discover our different rooms and atmospheres or check out the events-section were you'll find many pictures from our past events and informations about upcoming events.


Thursday, 26.03.2015

Concert 3/04/2015 !

by Jos